Magnatone Custom 280

Magnatone 280 with the famous stereo pitch vibrato that makes these amps so special. For sale freshly serviced,...

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Magnatone 280 with the famous stereo pitch vibrato that makes these amps so special. For sale freshly serviced, working well and sounding fabulous – nothing else sounds quite like a Magnatone.

The cosmetic condition of this amp is scruffy but original. It’s missing some of the original brown finish, but this is one for the player rather than collector. There are scuffs and scrapes to the finish and areas where it’s down to bare wood. The major internal parts are original with the exception of the the stereo tweeters which we had to replace. See photos for more info on cosmetic condition.

Note: more detailed internal shots can be supplied if needed (however they require us to un-solder a connection in order to remove the amplifier section).

These amps are noted for their unique vibrato and warm break up: famously used by Buddy Holly, Ry Cooder and Robert Cray amongst others. At the time they were made they outstripped pretty much everything on the market with fantastic tone, clarity and power, with great control and of course the fabulous pitch vibrato.

Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Neil Young, Dave Gilmour, Lonnie Mack, Ry Cooder, Robert Cray, Jamie Hince, Mark Ronson and Richard Hawley all use Magnatone amps… and not to mention Leo Fender found plenty of inspiration here as well.

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