Maestro Echoplex EM-1 Groupmaster

We're tape and disc echo specialists and always have a good selection of vintage echo machines. Check out...

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We’re tape and disc echo specialists and always have a good selection of vintage echo machines. Check out our other listings for fully-serviced Binsons, Copicats, Echoplexes and Roland Space/Chorus Echoes.

As business sellers, we’ve sold many tape echoes in the past ten years; we understand how they should sound and function. 

We guarantee that this machine will not disappoint. 

The Maestro Echoplex EM-1 Groupmaster – a rare multi-input mixer version of the classic US tape echo. Solid state tape echo with Sound On Sound. Full mechanical and electrical service completed, heads cleaned/de-magged, Fulltone cartridge. In excellent working order for a 40+ year-old echo unit. Case very scruffy, but functional.

Missing tape compartment lid, has replacement knobs & cart (see detailed photos).

Sounds great if you overdrive the inputs for extra colour…

Has serious presence in the studio.

Guitarists love the Echoplex – the EP2 and EP3 were famously used by Jimmy Page on stage and in the studio with Led Zeppelin and Page & Plant, as well as by Eddie Van Halen amongst many others.

It features the noodletastic Sound On Sound facility which allows you to play along with a very long loop of yourself…

This is by no means a perfect-sounding machine – but that’s not why you buy something like this. It’s the gnarly, tape-saturated wrongness that makes this rusty monster so desirable. It shouldn’t be your only echo, but it may well be your most enjoyable.  This is a machine for someone who doesn’t want perfect, who enjoys the foibles and idiosyncrasies of an ageing tape echo (that was far from perfect to start with): someone like me, who doesn’t need it to withstand the rigours of touring, and who loves the imperfections and sonic irregularities created by old technology.

YouTube demo to follow soon.

It’s a USA voltage machine (110v) so will require a step-down transformer for use in the UK/EU etc.

We also have a valve EP2 for sale – see our other listings.


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