Logan Vocalist

One of the rarest synths on the planet - the Logan Vocalist uses formant filters to create haunting...


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One of the rarest synths on the planet – the Logan Vocalist uses formant filters to create haunting human voice-type sounds. This one’s in fair condition and needs further work to improve the sliders (which are irreplaceable) – they currently are very noisy in use.

Will ship once the work is complete, but the buyer should not expect this to be flawless – at present it’s possible to set a sound and play it reliably, but not to change settings without a lot of crackling. 

Has richly chorussed Tenor and Soprano choir, and the purer solo voice (switchable to tenor or soprano) which can be played simultaneously with up to 6-note polyphony. Each voice has a unique formant filter that can be moved to create different vowel sounds. Vibrato depth and speed of the solo voice can be tweaked in real time for a very effective human vocal sound. Nice switchable voice triggering: you can have the top note of each choir chord playing the solo voice all the time – or your right-hand can play the solo voice independently over choir chords in the left hand. This is a unique-sounding instrument, as full of character as a Mellotron choir, but far more expressive due to its wide-ranging real-time tweakability.

CONDITION: In fair cosmetic condition overall, there is some oxidation under the paintwork across the case. The end cheeks are showing wear and minor damage. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition.

230v unit.

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