Guyatone AE-5 Analog Echo

A very cool litte BBD echo box, with a special added "modification"... This unit has had a full...

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A very cool litte BBD echo box, with a special added “modification”…

This unit has had a full service but we got our tech to intentionally leave the dirty speed control pot. This came about because we already have another one of these units with the same “fault” and we’ve become very attached to it for its wierd, wild and unpredictable oscillations. We actually talked to our pedal wizard about trying to replicate the effect but he said it was not to be – so we were very pleased when we found another of the units that was doing a similar thing. Scroll down for a short Instagram demo of our unit.

The beauty of this “mod” is that if you don’t want it then we can clean the pot before we ship the unit (or it is easy to do yourself by opening it up and applying some Deoxit).

Has two inputs which can be switched from line to mic giving easy access to some nice overdriven distortion. Has a wet+dry output and wet only option.

Conidition is very good with only minor scuffs and signs of age.

Converted to 240v operation 

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