Guild Echorec 2 T6FA by Binson

60s Binson valve disc echo for sale serviced, calibrated and sounding superb. In stunning cosmetic condition with original...


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60s Binson valve disc echo for sale serviced, calibrated and sounding superb. In stunning cosmetic condition with original carry case, hang tag and guarantee card

Made for the export market by Binson under the Guild brand name, this is a stunning example of a well-preserved Echorec 2. It’s rare to find one in this cosmetic condition, but this is so much more than a collector’s piece; it sounds absolutely as good as a well-set-up valve Echorec 2 should – up there amongst the best we’ve had.

Naturally, the axe-slingers amongst you will be drooling over the way this machine languidly exudes classic Dave Gilmour/Pink Floyd timbres, but we’re hot under the collar about the way this machine reacts to abuse: feed it a hot signal from a drum machine, crank up the input gain and swoon at the rich creamy tube overdrive and filthy distortion on the repeats. Tony’s no stranger to Binson abuse, and he’s been getting busy discovering just how good this one sounds when pushed – demos are doubtless already appearing on our Instagram feed by now.

In superb condition and complete with the original case also in very good order, this comes with the original Guild hangtag and guarantee card. The original geloso sockets have been replaced with 1/4″ jacks and the mains cable upgraded to three-core earthed for safety. Click on the photos to zoom in and see more shots.

Sounding truly superb following a full service/set up from our Binson expert and with further extensive testing/tweaking by Tony. Further information and demos follow soon – there are some already on our Instagram feed. Please get in touch if you need more information.

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Looking for a cheaper / easier to look after alternative? We now stock the Echosex 2º LTD pedal from Gurus Amps, an Italian-made reincarnation of the Binson Echorec sound in pedal form. Doesn’t do everything a Binson does, but the sound is right and… it’s only £379. See our full Echosex listing and video demos here.


Binson Echorecs are amazingly-engineered machines: where a tape echo’s input sound is recorded to tape, on a Binson it is recorded onto a circular spinning disc which has replay heads positioned around it. It is possible to select  single and repeating echoes or reverb-like swells – these units have a sound all of their own. They look fantastic at night (or on a darkened stage) with the magic eye valve glowing green and the backlit plexiglass fascia.

Binsons were one of the must-have pieces of equipment for bands in the early sixties, alongside the Fender Stratocaster and Vox AC30. Famously-used and abused by Barrett, Gilmour, Waters and Wright of Pink Floyd in the 60s and early 70s (Echorec 2s are very much in evidence on Live at Pompeii and can be seen on photos from many Floyd live shows), Binsons are increasingly sought-after today by studios, mix engineers and producers for their unique sound: Michael Brauer (Stones, McCartney, Coldplay) famously has an Echorec 2 in his arsenal of vintage delays.

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