Fender Deluxe Reverb 1964 - Cesar Diaz Modded

This is a great sounding 1964 FEIC pre CBS Deluxe Reverb. Recently serviced by Andy Fuchs at Fuchs...

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This is a great sounding 1964 FEIC pre CBS Deluxe Reverb. Recently serviced by Andy Fuchs at Fuchs Audio Technology. This amp is a rare mod by Stevie Ray Vaughan’s legendary amp tech Cesar Diaz in 1990 and his signature and date are on the inside of the chassis.

It is an export model with the original mains transformer. The output transformer was added as part of the Cesar Diaz mod and is a 1962 Tremolux transformer. As a result the amp is a fair bit louder than an ordinary Deluxe Reverb and has a great tone. It has a brand new Celestial G12-H fitted which sounds amazing! The original speaker comes with the amp but requires re-coning. Includes fitted cover.

CONDITION: Excellent overall, the face is very clean with only minor dings. The tolex is superb with very little wear or age. The grill cloth has one minor tear but nothing too noticeable. Internally, this amp is very clean. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition.

Switchable voltage for worldwide use.

This amp is part of a superb collection of early British valve amps that we are selling on consignment for a customer. He has been collecting amps for over 30 years and that’s his description above. It will be supplied tested and in good working order.

Note that as they are part of a large collection which has been in storage, there may be a delay in shipping if a fault is discovered in the final testing (this is not uncommon with amps that have been sat on the shelf). In the event that this happens the amp will be sent to our tech for work and we will keep you updated. If you need further information please get in touch.


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