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Superb Mk2 AKS for sale in excellent working order and superb condition. This Synthi sounds and plays very well...

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Superb Mk2 AKS for sale in excellent working order and superb condition. This Synthi sounds and plays very well indeed – it’s an inspiring, living instrument that rewards the user and encourages experimentation. It is a world away from sterile modern and soft synths: this beast takes you on unexpected musical journeys (see below) and is a sound designer’s delight. Video demos of this synth below.

You can also see more demos and read about Tony’s experience of delving into this instrument in a new blog post: Machines With Soul.

In excellent working order following a thorough overhaul and servicing. The keyboard cover was missing, so our synth tech Chris made a clear perspex cover for it, which looks stunning. This could be changed to a black finish if the buyer prefers. There are of course some dings, minor dents and scratches to the synth, but overall it’s in very good condition.

While a good deal of work has been done to ensure it’s as it should be, this is a vintage Synthi and some occasional foibles are to be expected. We take the view that servicing on these units should be sympathetic – recapping where necessary, but also keeping as many original parts in the audio path to retain character, even if it results in occasional minor flaws. A little noise is possible from some pots when it’s not been used for a while, but this clears with use.

The patch matrix and pins have been thoroughly cleaned, but we did find one pin during testing yesterday that was intermittent, so can supply with new EMS replacements if preferred. These synths should be used regularly for best performance – just like a classic car or bike needs a run out to stay in good shape.

It is a joy to play – I lost an hour ‘testing’ it last night (see below)

Voltage is 240v or switchable to 110v.

EMS Synthi AKS: more action from last night’s jam.

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