Echolette Echo 400

Excellent condition; serviced, guaranteed and sounding superb. Has had a full recap in our workshop. Best one of these...

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Excellent condition; serviced, guaranteed and sounding superb.

Has had a full recap in our workshop. Best one of these we’ve heard. Love the sound and look of these beasts.

Made in Germany, this is very similar to the Dynacord EC-504 and features the same high quality components and excellent build quality that these German units are renowned for.

The reverb setting is not altogether convincing, but the multi-head delay patterns are excellent. There are four trim pots on the rear which allow a tremendous amount of control over levels and balance: it can take some time to set up for optimum operation but the results are stunning- the repeats are really superb in quality when the levels are correctly-set. There’s no vari-speed, but that’s the case for many classic echo units: you just play the machine.

CONDITION: In excellent cosmetic condition, the face is superb with only very minor dings. The case is also very clean with some scuffing around the edges. Internally this unit is superb, there are no signs of oxidation on the silvered surfaces. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition. 

Heads in excellent condition showing low wear.

The following description from Robert L’s Synths about the EC-504 also sums this up well:
“Dynacord EC-504 (EchoCord) is a famous Dynacord tape echo. Placed in a rack mount unit (2 HE) with a total of 6 heads and a full control over all 4 playback heads, it has two modes of operation — echo and reverberation. Both is produced using the analog tape as a memory. This unit will enable you to produce many echoing combinations unattainable by any other system, including the digital ones. The echoes are vivid and clean, yet with the special analog warmth and naturalness! The sound is definitely different from Roland units, and by many lovers of old and analog sound the Dynacord echoes are considered better in some acoustical aspects. High quality heads for prolonged live, robust German made electromotors and top quality electronics, make this unit a true choice for analog echoes and reverberations.”

We’re tape and disc echo specialists with many years’ experience working with and restoring these machines. Our BBC-trained engineer brings our tape delays up to (or better than) factory spec and our testing ensures machines that have superb reliability and – most important – that they sound incredible.

There are currently no operational issues with this machine, but please be aware that these units require looking after and that regular use and maintenance are key to keeping this in good working order.

Some crackle is always possible from pots/switches when not used for a while – this can be cleared with use


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