Drawmer DMT 1080 Multi Tracker

Excellent condition and working order. Super-rare and sought-after two channel analogue delay/modulation rack effect. When Drawmer produced the...


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Excellent condition and working order. Super-rare and sought-after two channel analogue delay/modulation rack effect.

When Drawmer produced the DMT 1080 (one of their first pieces of equipment) digital delay was already becoming fairly cheap and ubiquitous, and so if they were going to design a BBD chip-based unit it needed to be something special. This is that unit. Two low-noise channels of Reticon SAD1024 chip goodness, plus a third 10ms delay line for creating phasing effects. This beautifully made unit will do echo of course, and the aforementioned phasing, plus some great flanging and chorus effects. But you also get a continuum of sonic manipulations covering a whole load of points in between all of those. And push it to extremes and there is some high quality BBD weirdness to be had.

CONDITION: In excellent cosmetic condition, the face is showing only the smallest signs of wear or age. The top of the unit has some rack rash on the right side. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition.

Demo below is of the unit for sale

Voltage is switchable 110v-240v.

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The Drawmer DMT 1080 contains two independent delay lines. A multi section delay having a maximum delay time of 80mS, has taps at 10mS, 30mS, 50mS and 80 mS which are fed to either channel 1 or channel 2 by the touch button selectors. The same tap on both channels produces a mono output whilst different taps produce stereo images. Chorus on either channel produces two delays, each of which is different from the main 10,30,50,80mS delays and the two chorus delays on the other channel; so chorus on both channels gives a stereo image.

The output from an auxiliary 10mS delay is fed via the ‘Phase’ level control to both channels giving a mono image. A clean feed signal is connected in a similar manner via the ‘Feedthrough’ level control.

Delay time is variable over a 30:1 ratio either manually (‘Manual Delay’) or automatically using the internal low frequency oscillator which runs at 0.05Hz to 15Hz.

Control Voltages for each delay line are in anti-phase, i.e. when the main delay is at maximum, the ‘Phase’ delay is at minimum and vice versa. This means that true phasing can occur at several points in the sweep (from min to max delay) as each main delay tap in turn cancels the signal from the auxilliary delay.
Outputs from the main delay taps are of fixed level. They are mixed with the variable ‘Phase’ and ‘Feedthrough’ signals before the output level controls. + or – signals from channel 1 can be routed back via the feedback control to the delay line inputs. +feedback produces resonant peaks at short delays whilst – feedback gives a notch filter type of response.

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