[ PRICE REDUCED! ]  Coopersonic Dirtbox pedal in perfect working order and as new condition (see photos). It's...

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Coopersonic Dirtbox pedal in perfect working order and as new condition (see photos).
It’s been used twice for a couple of demos to customers.
These are excellent hand built boutique pedals – not just an overdrive/distortion, but also sound great as a boost on cleaner settings. Sounds great with guitar, but also very useful with bass and synths.
Youtube demo and info from Coopersonic below.

Youtube video demo by Gearmanndude

Hand-built in Nottingham, England, by musicians for musicans.
The Dirtbox is perhaps best described as the bastard child of the legendary Colorsound overdrive with a sprinkling of Lovetone Big Cheese thown in. Of course, being a Coopersonic, it’ll go a bit further into really wild territory at higher gain settings.
No magic mojo nos geranium transistors in here, just the result of extensive research into getting the best possible tone out of a transistorised overdrive.
Tone control is a single knob control we’ve called “Bite”, as that’s what it does – it’s not just a top cut, more a kind of presence control with teeth.

true bypass
huge range of gain and tone
yellow led indicator
rugged diecast enclosure
neutrik jacks
it’s not yellow any more…

From Sound on Sound (Nov 2012):
“…the big surprise is just how versatile the Dirtbox is. The ‘dirt’ knob covers an impressive range, from full-on fuzz distortion down to much more moderate overdrive. Turn it right down and the Dirtbox even provides a great almost-clean boost (assuming that your pickups are of a sensible low to moderate output), with no shortage of gain available from the level control.
The character of the Dirtbox’s distortion is certainly more raucous Rat than smooth Tube Screamer, and at more extreme settings there’s a brightness to the fuzz that is nasty — in just the right way! But this edginess is not at the expense of body and punch, and the sounds on offer are impressively full and articulate in both bass and treble ranges: the very opposite of muddy and mid-heavy. Meanwhile, below 12 o’clock the excellent ‘bite’ tone knob trims off the top end for a darker tone, while above 12 o’clock it progressively thins out the sound for taut, funky fuzz tone with tons of bite.
It’s pleasing to find that the range of all three controls extends beyond safe and sensible territory…”

It ships with a battery installed so it’s ready to play.

COOPERSONIC DIRTBOX BoutiqueTransistor Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Pedal 


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