Basky II Model BS-4322 Bass Synthesizer

We'd never seen a set of Hillwood Basky II bass pedals before. Tony was sold on the funky...

You missed it!


We’d never seen a set of Hillwood Basky II bass pedals before. Tony was sold on the funky faux-denim finish and groovy coloured knob caps; the bubbling acidic filter when we switched it on was an unexpected sonic delight – hear the synth in action in the Instagram demo below. (Super-clean RE-201 may still be available, Spectrum Shifter is sold.)

We like the sound it makes, but we don’t know much more about this vintage synth at this stage. It’s in full working order and the controls are simple and self-explanatory – see the photos for more information.

The condition is good overall. We’ve added replacement knobs as some of the originals were missing. There is some very old plastic tape on the tops of all the pedals – this may well be removable but it will be a time-consuming task and does not affect the operation of the instrument.

  • It is a 100v Japanese model and will run fine on North American mains 115/120v without a transformer (we run all our tests using 120v power); however, a step-down transformer is recommended for extended use.
  • A step-down transformer is required in the UK/EU.
  • We do not recommend using cheap generic Chinese mains transformers and can supply a high quality UK-made unit if required.

For sales in UK/EU the price will include VAT. VAT-free sales are possible to businesses and individuals in the EU (outside the UK) with a valid VAT Number – please get in touch if you wish to buy this way.


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