A/DA Flanger

Without doubt one of the best flangers ever made – the mighty A/DA Flanger. Superb sound - rich and musical...

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Without doubt one of the best flangers ever made – the mighty A/DA Flanger.

Superb sound – rich and musical – plus great versatility. Subtle shimmering, heavy psychedelic, Uni-Vibe-esq or rotary-type modulation – this pedal is capable of a great many effects.

Has a CV input as well…

In excellent condition – the case has a few minor scuffs and dings and there are a couple of scratches on face plate, but nothing that bothers this hefty beast. Built like a tank. This is flange with attitude.

Working very well. Great with everything. 

Great Premier Guitar A/DA Flanger review of the reissue here which tells you all you need to know about this stunning pedal (although they are not sonically identical…).

110v unit. Will require a step-down transformer for use on 220/240v supplies.

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