Step-Down Transformer: 240v to 120v (for USA gear)

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Very high quality units suitable for vintage and pro audio use. UK or European plug on one side and...



Very high quality units suitable for vintage and pro audio use. UK or European plug on one side and Japanese socket on the other. Step down UK 240v transformers so you can use 100v equipment from Japan.

Available with UK or Euro plug and in four different output options from 50va to 500va (note that 50va is not available with the Euro plug).

We started supplying these UK-made Airlink transformers due to demand from our customers for high quality, reliable transformers to use with expensive, sensitive vintage music gear. Having had more than one piece of customers’ equipment fail to function correctly due to a poorly made, cheap Chinese transformer we set out to source the very best units we could find. These are not cheap, but you undoubtedly get what you pay for (and if you’ve just paid a lot of money for a prize vintage piece then this is a small price to pay for optimum performance and peace of mind).

You can buy four different units from this listing, providing different power outputs: 50vA, 100vA, 250vA or 500vA. Before purchasing you will need to check the power output of your gear – this information is usually on the back, or in the manual if you have it, otherwise you will need to go online. However if you have questions or concerns please get in touch before buying. In particular, choosing transformers for vintage amps needs to be done with care and leaving enough “headroom” in the output – get in touch if you need help (we’ve specialised in selling valve amps for many years so we have plenty of experience with dealing with their requirements).

The small 50vA unit will be powerful enough for many racks, synths and effects.

The 100vA and upwards are more heavy-duty pieces of kit. They are toroidal transformers suitable for professional studio applications.

It is possible to power more than one piece of gear from the higher power units – we can supply a USA/Japan 6-way to plug into your transformer (contact us direct for these). Once again we can help with advice on this.

Note that all the information about power consumption above is for guidance only. Please do your own research and ask us any questions you may have before plugging your pride and joy in for the first time.


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