FENDER DELUXE REVERB (Blackface Modified)

"If you want pure Blackface tone on a budget, this is it: it sounds luscious. And once you get...

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“If you want pure Blackface tone on a budget, this is it: it sounds luscious. And once you get it past 6.5 on the volume knob she just opens up. A really GREAT sounding Deluxe Reverb. I’d rival this to ANY Blackface. I’ve been servicing these for over 25 years. I know how to make them sing, this one SINGS!” – Dave Boze 

A stunning-sounding 1977 Fender Deluxe Reverb Silverface amp for sale in excellent condition.

This has been modified beyond Blackface specs by US Fender amp guru Dave Boze. His detailed work report on the amp is below.

It has then been worked on by our amp tech and a period-correct Fender speaker re-installed.

It sounds stunning and holds its own against a sixties Blackface.

It is in excellent condition (click on the photos to zoom in and see more shots).

The reverb tank is new.

Has had the Midrange pot mod installed (completely reversible – no holes drilled – pot installed in ext speaker socket hole on back panel). This mod adds a midrange pot to the 2nd channel of the Deluxe circuit. This mod is “a must” for a Deluxe. This mod is completely reversible since no holes were drilled and the circuitry wasn’t changed.

It is of course a USA 110v mains unit so will require a step-down transformer for UK/EU use.

We do not recommend using cheap generic Chinese mains transformers and can supply a high quality UK-made transformer if required.

Dave Boze’s report:
•Check all Electrolytic Filter Capacitors- OK
•Tighten all Transformers
•Check all Tubes- All read as good (Note be sure to leave in the positions I installed them)
•Retention and clean all tube sockets
•Rebuild to Blackface Design Specs
•Repair faulty wiring
•Check all power section resistors- OK
•Check all pre-amp electrolytic capacitors: Remove and replace 5 as seen on parts list (note: 2 had been replaced recently so those were left in place)
•Check biasing electrolytic capacitor- was recently replaced already, left in place
•Check all grounds: OK
•Check for cold solder joints: OK
•Check coupling capacitors: OK
•Check pre-amp tone capacitors : OK
•Check screen resistors: OK
•Set bias current (@32mA per tube)
•Install .002uFd coupler cap between Phase Inverter and Power section (used old SF parts)
•Eliminate ground loop potential for shielding (2 places)
•Clean all potentiometers
•Clean all input/output jacks
•Clean all misc. switches
•Clean inside of cabinet
•Clean and recondition reverb pouch
•Clean Grille Cloth
•Recondition tolex
•Patch and reglue ripped tolex corners; Re-glue misc. loose tolex
•Glue dowels to repair stripped screws for back panels (2)
•Install new Reverb Tank (old tank was not correct for this amp)
•Clean face control plate
•Clean control knobs
•Slow down tremolo by installing .01uFd cap to trem section (used old SF parts)
•Add Mid-Pot with brown Fender knob and associated wiring
•Remove Pull Boost circuitry
•Repair broken speaker baffle screws (all are stripped)
•Install misc. broken or missing fasteners
•Install RCA shorting clip to turn the tremolo on
•Install new pilot bulb (#47)- old one was burned out


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