1965-6 VOX AC-10 Twin

Dating from around or just after 1965, this is a great studio amp: all the balls and vibe...


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Dating from around or just after 1965, this is a great studio amp: all the balls and vibe of an AC-30 without the hearing damage: it sounds lovely. The vibey tremolo is superb. 

British-made Vox AC-10 Twin valve (tube) amp in good condition and excellent working order. This amp has been serviced and given the thumbs up by John Chambers at Champ Electronics – one of the best and most-experienced valve amp techs in the UK. 

This is player’s amp rather than one for the collectors: a vintage AC-10 chassis and board, in a later case and with a replica copper panel and modern Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. We can only surmise that at some point the original case met with some misfortune and the chassis was rehoused. The copper panel is not correct – this is a later (circa or post 1965) chassis/board so should be a greet panel. Comes with original Vox egg footswitch. Missing the X of the Vox logo. It has been given a thorough inspection/service and verified by JC. The modern speakers really suit the amp and deliver a little extra definition and low end over an AC10 with vintage units.

All the chassis parts are original  – aside from minor components that had gone out of spec – and the reversible 68k resistor mod (see below). Great tone at sensible levels, lovely tremolo – great break-up when pushed. 

Made by Jennings Musical Industries (JMI), these vintage amplifiers are great recording amps – but also suitable for smaller gigs. This amp’s had the reversible input 68k resistor mod done to one input on each channel, which really is a no-brainer – makes a big difference to the way the amp sounds and responds and opens up the sonic palette.

This is a terrific little amp – the vibe of an AC30 without the decibels, and all the joy of a vintage AC10 in a more practical gig-able package…

Please see the photos to assess the condition. 

The UK plug will be removed before shipping abroad to countries with 240v unless otherwise requested. 

We have described this amp as accurately as possible, and welcome any observations concerning it’s history/originality.

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