Brexit Questions?

We’re being asked a few questions about the implications of Britain leaving the European Union (Brexit) on January 31st 2020 and how this might affect customers who wish to buy from Soundgas.

The short answer is absolutely nothing changes now: trading remains the same as before at least until 31st December 2020.

If you’re based in the UK, nothing changes.

If you’re based in the EU, nothing changes until 31st December 2020. The UK is trading with the EU on the same terms as before, so you can still buy gear from Soundgas (without VAT if you have a valid EU VAT number) and in Euros if you choose that option.

I’m in the USA, how does Brexit affect me and can I still buy from Soundgas? It doesn’t affect you at all and you can buy from us as usual: purchase in dollars via our site and we’ll ship to you swiftly and securely.

For the USA, Canada and our other customers outside the EU, nothing changes: you are still able to buy gear from Soundgas as before.

Letter From HMRC (UK Government Tax Office):

The UK is leaving the EU on 31 January 2020: what it means for your business.
We’d like to thank you for the preparations you’ve made over the last year, and tell you about what will happen next.

What will happen after 31 January 2020?

From 1 February the UK will no longer be a member of the EU, and we’ll enter an implementation period that lasts until 31 December 2020.

During this time there will be no changes to the terms for trading with the EU or the rest
of the world, unless the rules change for the whole of the EU.

This means EU rules for customs, VAT and excise will continue to apply to the movement of goods and trade for this limited time.

There will be no new customs procedures at present.


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