Roland Space Echo RE-201

We supply serviced and guaranteed Roland RE-201 Space Echos – the vintage tape echo that recently celebrated its 50th birthday. With years of experience working with and restoring tape and disc echo machines, we are the go-to specialists in this field. Our BBC-trained engineer meticulously brings our tape delays up to (or better than) factory spec, while our rigorous testing process ensures that our machines not only sound incredible but also offer superb reliability.

The RE-201 is a simple yet powerful system that uses a small loop of tape to record incoming signals and immediately plays them back over a couple of playback heads before being erased by new incoming audio. The genuine spring reverb is often imitated but seldom bettered, while the high-quality tape echo is still coveted for its colorful character and richness of sound. The fat-sounding preamp and highly tweakable controls provide a ticket to tape-echo Eden.

This analog system has a warm, gritty, and almost noiseless operation, making it perfect for creating warm, unpredictable, and highly tweakable echo effects. It features 12 settings to adjust various tape loop speeds, number of repeats, levels, intensity, and more. It can even generate its own feedback loops for instant sci-fi effects, adding to its versatility and appeal. The built-in spring reverb provides even more classic analog effects.

With three standard controls (Repeat Rate, Intensity, and Echo Volume) and tone controls (Bass and Treble), users can adjust the flavor of their mix to perfection. The Reverb Volume and full gamut of selections for all three tape heads make it easy to see why these flexible devices have been used to create music across multiple genres for nearly half a century.

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo not only has vintage appeal but is still widely used to get those dubby, slightly unpredictable, musically analog echo effects. Experience the warm, rich, and highly tweakable sound of this legendary effects unit and discover why it has been a favorite of musicians and producers for over 50 years.

Our reputation for excellence has led to collaborations with some of the biggest names in music technology. Roland and Boss have turned to us to supply them with Space Echoes for exhibitions and shows. Dan and Mick of That Pedal Show have even chosen one of our RE-201s for their personal studio collection.



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