Soundgas Studio Services Update by Tony Miln

Oct 31 2018 0 Comments

Soundgas Studio Racks

Soundgas Studio Services Update: First Audio Demos Released, Limited Slots Now Available

Our remote access studio service is getting closer to full launch, but the news is that we now have limited slots available each month - thanks to our engineer, Ben Hirst, and also to our fine beta testers who've sent us some amazing music to work on. The studio is very nearly complete - as a studio full of vintage gear ever can be - and we're super-excited about the range of material we've been asked to work on. This has included the studio's first paid session - processing some wild noises and music for a forthcoming film soundtrack - and also being asked to submit a dub mix idea for an international artist's new album. Another delighted beta-test customer has asked us to work on stems for his next EP.

We're now editing the stems down into bite-sized chunks for our new studio Soundcloud page so people can hear examples of what's possible, and we're especially grateful that some customers have chosen to allow us to feature their stems online. The first few are below - thanks to Dan Watts for the source material for these. We'll be putting more up over the coming weeks, but it's going to be some time before we'll be able to really illustrate the scope of what's possible. We've started with our headline and classic gear, but there are boxes and shelves of strange and unique devices that we've yet to delve into...

UPDATE: We now have limited space available each month, so whether you just want a short loop running through one of our Grampian reverbs, or need some sounds processing for remix inspiration, or if you would like to enquire about full mix stem treatments, please register your interest here or click below:






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