Brexit - why you should buy more gear now!

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What is Brexit and what does it mean for Soundgas customers around the world?

Brexit is Britain's decision to exit (see what they did there?) the European Union.

The UK's recent vote on EU membership decided - by a slim majority - that Britain should leave the EU. Whatever your views on this - if any - it has immediate implications for gear-hungry Soundgas customers worldwide

 What has happened?

The aftermath of the vote has seen the pound plunge against dollar, euro, yen and other currencies. As I write this, three weeks after the referendum, there are few signs of the pound recovering; it remains at the lowest level against the dollar in 30 years.

I'm a musician, not a banker: WTF does Brexit have to do with me?

In a nutshell, our gear is either currently about 20% cheaper for you to buy now, or is likely to become more expensive in future. Below is a breakdown guide for buyers based on their locations.

I'm in the UK - what does it mean for me?

The morning after the vote, I went to buy a drum machine from Japan which the previous day would have cost £2000: post Brexit, the price had jumped to £2400, and it's got steadily worse since then. 

The result of this is that all the gear we import from Japan (Roland, Korg, Greco etc) is becoming vastly more expensive for us to source, and ultimately this will be reflected by increased prices. Likewise, all the American imported brands (Chandler, Mu-tron, Fender, Maestro etc) and European gear (Gurus, Dawner Prince, Warm Audio, Binson, Dynacord, etc) will see significant price increases if the pound remains low.

If you lust after a Mu-tron Bi-Phase, Roland Space Echo or have been meaning to buy a Gurus Echosex pedal, now is the time, because if things continue as they are prices look certain to rise.

I'm in the USA - surely the UK and the EU screwing things up doesn't affect me?

It certainly does. Due to the weak pound, Soundgas gear is cheaper now for you to buy and ship by up to 20%. This may not last, but right now it represents a unique buying opportunity. For example, something on our site that would have cost you $2400 a month ago will now cost you around $2000. There are some who believe this is only temporary - stability will return as uncertainty ebbs - so these lower prices may not last.

(The recent increase of the import duty threshold to the USA to $800 means that items on the site that cost up to around £600 inc delivery can be shipped to the USA without incurring any import taxes.)

I'm in the EU - why should we buy vintage gear from the UK right now?

For similar reasons to US buyers: the Euro is stronger against the pound than it has been for a very long time (bad news for our holiday in France, good news for you). Take advantage of the exchange rate now: especially for gear imported from Japan/USA which looks set to become more expensive in future.

I'm in Switzerland/Canada/Australia/RestOfTheWorld - anything in this Brexit stuff for me?

Yes - much that applies to buyers from the USA and EU is the same for you (see above): the pound is very weak right now, so your currency will go further and there are undoubtedly good deals to be had. 


Wherever you're based, there has probably never been a better time to satisfy your GAS than right now. Get in touch if you wish to discuss this or any other gear matters further. 

That's quite enough geopolitical economics for one morning - my brain's hurting - can I go back to making weird noises on Instagram now please?

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