Pete Townshend's Binson

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Tony & Pete

We had our inaugural Soundgas Christmas night out last week, delivering a newly-restored Binson Echorec 2 to none other than Pete Townshend at The Who Hits 50 gig in Nottingham. Pete very kindly arranged VIP tickets for us all and met up for a chat backstage afterwards. The Who were on top form, playing for nearly two and a half hours: all killer, no filler. A truly memorable night: not sure how we top that next Christmas...


Pete had been searching for a Binson for many years - ever since he saw Syd Barrett with Pink Floyd at the UFO club in 1967: "When I saw him he had two, played one chord and it went on for about 10 minutes changing in sound slightly the whole time. The band played along with it." 

The Who live in Nottingham with Quadrophenia in the background


It was great to finally meet Pete, and we're all thrilled to have united him with a superb example of a disc echo: I hope it was worth the wait. We're looking forward to hearing what he does with it, and if he decides he needs a second one then we've got a couple of units on the Tape & Disc Echo page of the site, and some very nice examples of the Echorec 2 which will first show up on our stock list here and also on our mailing list which you an sign up for at the bottom of our website.

The Who - VIP
Team Soundgas & Pete

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