1963 Vox AC 30 B

May 01 2014 0 Comments Tags: EMS, Synthi HiFli, Vox

The 1963 AC30B is back from a total strip down/rebuild and sounding as fantastic as I'd hoped. All original parts are fine - speakers, transformers, footswitch etc - valves are Brimar/Mullard and test good. Case is very tatty (someone painted it black a long time ago when fawn wasn't cool), but structurally-sound: no fittings remain though (badge is new). Grille cloth is original - has a small tear which will have a very basic mend on to stop any further damage. Pots dated Sept/Nov 1962, Woden transformers Dec 62, Speakers early 63. It's not been touched for about 30 years before now. Got a replica Rangemaster Treble Boost pedal to go with it for the original Brian May rig...

It's just been joined by an original early prototype EMS Synthi HiFli - many happy noises have been emanating from the studio this afternoon...

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