Superb 60s Amps and Guitar Tony's Fallen in Love With

Oct 22 2015 Tags: 60s, Amplifier, Duane Eddie, Ephiphone, Fender, Gibson, Guild, Guitar, Princeton

This is the part 2 of our "Gear Hitting the Site Soon" post. If you have a problem with looking at superb 60s amplifiers and very nice limited edition guitars then look away NOW.

We're selling all of what you see there on commission for a customer - we're helping him raise some funds to buy back his beloved 50s Telecaster. There's a couple of things we've had listed for a while, but the rest are brand new arrivals here at Soundgas. Brief spec and prices below - full listing on the site and then ebay and our other stores coming, but if are interested then contact us for further details.

But also, if you want to hear about things like this first then you need to sign up to our mailing list as they saw this lot at the start of the week. Our list always hears about the gear first. 

  • Guild "Duane Eddie" - One of only 25 made by Guild from a discovery of original 60s factory parts to celebrate Eddie's 25 years in the business in 1984, and one of only 7 that made it into the UK. Super-rare and an absolute beauty - Tony's fallen for this one in a big way. 
  • Fender Princeton c1961 Brownface - With Fender JBL speaker - gorgeous sound - a real peach. 
  • Fender Pro Amp c1961 Brownface - later grille cloth, 15" Jensen speaker fitted - amazing tremolo. 
  • Gibson Falcon GA-19 RVT 1964 - lovely amp, deep reverb and nice trem - 
  • Gibson Discoverer Tremolo GA-8T - serviced at Soundgas -  (full details on the site)
  • Epiphone 101 - stunning little amp - rare and a lovely harp amp -  (full details on the site)

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