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Yes! We've finally completed our November "monthly" stock list. It's pretty gargantuan. The snapshot above features some of the new stock that's (mostly) arrived in the past few weeks. Christmas has indeed come early at Soundgas HQ... Almost everything pictured is now available exclusively to our friends on the mailing list to buy direct or reserve, but don't sleep. Over the coming weeks we'll be busy adding much of it to the Soundgas website, Gbase, Reverb and Ebay. Choice items often don't make it to the listing stage - more customers are securing sought-after gear direct via our wishlist service, so if you're after a particular piece, get in touch and be first to find out when it arrives. We have new stuff arriving daily, so the list is just a snapshot of what we have today.

And (as if we were not already being too good to you) you don't even have to squint at that picture to work out what's just arrived - we've added it all to the stock list which you can find on-line here:


Bookmark that link as the current list should always be located there now. More notes about the stock list below ("reserve" items etc), but meanwhile, in other news:

  • We've changed our shipping to North America so now customers in Continental USA and Canada can take advantage of a much lower rate on many items, and on a lot of items we've rolled in all relevant import fees and taxes so the price you see for shipping is the price you pay. You can see those new rates on our website, and also our Reverb and Gbase stores (more on those below).

  • And also - very big news - we can now take credit cards over the phone, or email you a link so you can pay securely by card. If you want to use this method then get in touch direct - the website is still PayPal only.

  • And, if you haven't visited in a while, there are a lot more items up on the Soundgas website with detailed descriptions and photos, ranging from classic gear in amazing condition to the rare and unusual; things like these (click on the images to see more information):


  • We also now have a presence on top audio gear sites Gbase and Reverb - you can see our Gbase store here and our Reverb store here. Another way to browse a selection of our stock - but keep in mind that we always prefer to deal direct, especially with the more unusual and valuable items, so if you see something there then email or call and we'll give you our best price and personal service

  • There's loads more bubbling under the surface; if you're interested then follow us on the social media channel of your choice - we are posting more video demos, as well as starting to get the studio and our own collection of gear back up and running and that's where you will get a first look at that, as well as sneak peaks of new gear as it lands.

The Soundgas list is growing: this month, we've over 300 items in stock (a lot more than is listed on the site). Some classic gear moves very quickly - Roland tape echoes, early Minimoogs etc - often sold before it even makes the list let alone the website. If you see something you’d like that’s gone, get in touch and make a reservation on the next one we get - you get first refusal - no obligation to buy. And some of the gear on the list is still waiting for service so it doesn't have a final price yet, but if you contact us about any of these we can give you a ballpark figure and you can reserve until the final price is available.

If you have if you have any questions about what you see or special gear requests contact us here, or call on: 07543 855788 (UK) or +44 7543 855788 (Worldwide).

Tony, Gid & Dec @ Soundgas

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