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September Stock List is Out! plus: Synthfest! Grampian Update! Superb Tape Echoes!

Sep 23 2016 Tags: British valve amps, Clouds Hill FX, Dallas, Disc Echo, Echoplex, Floppy Disc Delay, Grampian 636, Hawk, Minimoog, Moog, RE-201, RE-501, Roland, Roland Chorus Echo, Scala, Space Echo, Synthfest, Valve Amp

Last Of The Summer Whine (a vintage sonic harvest) Welcome to September's mailout - packed full of ripe juicy vintage goodness [enough already - Ed.]. We're delighted that Moog have 'reissued' the Model D and hope it'll persuade people to part with their old 70s Minimoogs with unstable oscillator boards and unforgivable lack of Midi. We take them in, carefully restore/service them and find them loving new homes. See below for news of our latest acquisition, but please don't buy it yet - we never seem to get to spend enough time with these fabulous old synths...  We've yet to hear/play the new Model D, but hope...

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Superb 60s Amps and Guitar Tony's Fallen in Love With

Oct 22 2015 Tags: 60s, Amplifier, Duane Eddie, Ephiphone, Fender, Gibson, Guild, Guitar, Princeton

This is the part 2 of our "Gear Hitting the Site Soon" post. If you have a problem with looking at superb 60s amplifiers and very nice limited edition guitars then look away NOW. We're selling all of what you see there on commission for a customer - we're helping him raise some funds to buy back his beloved 50s Telecaster. There's a couple of things we've had listed for a while, but the rest are brand new arrivals here at Soundgas. Brief spec and prices below - full listing on the site and then ebay and our other stores coming, but if are interested...

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First Look at New Gear Hitting the Site (part 1)

Oct 22 2015 Tags: Binson, Binson Echorec, Boss, Drum Machine, Dynacord, Electric Mistress, Electro-Harmonix, Guitar Pedal, Hawk, Korg, KR-55, Mirano, New Gear, Roland, Spring Reverb, Synth, Tape Echo, Vocoder, Wersi Bass Synthesizer

Just a quick post. All of that lovely gear above has just landed back from service and will be hitting the site in the next few days, and then ebay, Reverb and our other stores soon after that. There's a list below - if you want to get in first on any of it then contact us straight away. But also, if you want to hear about things like this first then you need to sign up to our mailing list as they saw this lot at the start of the week, AND they even had access to an exclusive...

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Space Echo Special: meet the whole family

Oct 05 2015 Tags: 60s, 80s, Ace Tone, Acetone, Binson, Binson Echorec, Dynacord, Echoplex, Echorec 2, Echosex, Guitar Pedal, Juno, Korg, Maestro, Ramsa, RE-101, RE-201, RE-301, RE-501, Roland, Roland Chorus Echo, Roland Juno, Space Echo, Stage Echo, Synth, Tape Echo, Valve

Five different Rolands, nine more vintage echo units, and why we're the people to come to for your 'new' tape echo (plus a sneak peek at a synth...)
Autumn is definitely here in the Derbyshire Dales but the sun is out, the countryside looks stunning and the great gear keeps flowing in. This month's blog was going to focus on synths and tape echoes as we've currently got some excellent examples just landed in superb condition. However, it rapidly became apparent that there's just too much gear - so much of each category that we've decided to split this into two posts this month. So, this is part one, concentrating on tape echoes. Scroll down to see the gear and some words on why you should buy your echo from us, and also on why we like some of the more unusual items.

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Bringing in the Drum Synth Harvest...

Sep 24 2015 Tags: 60s, 808, 80s, Ace Tone, Acetone, Drum Machine, Drum Synth, Echoplex, Hawk, Kawai, Maestro, Mirano, MPC, New Gear, Pearl, Rhythm Producer, Space Echo, Syncussion, Synth, Tape Echo, Toyo Gakki, TR-808, Ult sound


Hello again from the Derbyshire hills. We're definitely feeling the beginnings of Autumn here and at Soundgas we've been hard at work in the fields bringing in another bumper crop of vintage gear. In particular we've got a fantastic haul of rare Japanese drum synths - scroll down to see them in detail. Also in this blog you'll find a look at tape echoes - we've got a lot of units coming back from service over the next few weeks and, aside from a steady stream of our rock-solid, perfectly serviced and set up Space Echoes, we'll have some RE-301s coming through, as well as a range of rarer Japanese units as well. If you think you'll have a need for such items in the next couple of months we strongly recommend reserving ahead of them being listed as they continue to be in demand in this condition and with our guarantee.

And of course there's the stock list button below with a full list of everything we have available or coming in.
 Other points of interest amongst recently listed items are various Mu-trons including the ever-popular Bi-phase, a Great British Spring, a near mint Roland SPV-355 Pitch/Voltage Synth and a good haul of interesting pedals (with a lot more to come next month). Oh, and there's a beautiful Binson Echorec Baby coming in next week - get first look at it here.

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Gear Mountain! - the November stock list is here.

Nov 24 2014 Tags: Drum Machine, Guitar Pedal, Maestro, Moog, News, Space Echo, Stock List, Tape Echo, Watkins

IT'S GEAR MOUNTAIN! Yes! We've finally completed our November "monthly" stock list. It's pretty gargantuan. The snapshot above features some of the new stock that's (mostly) arrived in the past few weeks. Christmas has indeed come early at Soundgas HQ... Almost everything pictured is now available exclusively to our friends on the mailing list to buy direct or reserve, but don't sleep. Over the coming weeks we'll be busy adding much of it to the Soundgas website, Gbase, Reverb and Ebay. Choice items often don't make it to the listing stage - more customers are securing sought-after gear direct via...

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First look at the new U.S. shipment...

Nov 05 2014 Tags: Amplifier, Guitar Pedal, Magnatone, Moog, Mutron, News, Synth, Valve

So Craig - the man with a van - just turned up. He wasn't very pleased because when he went to pick up our pallet it was too wide and too tall to fit in his big van. So yes, we're happy even if he isn't. Anyway, we managed to get it all unloaded and this is what it looks like so far. Only opened a few of the 40 or so boxes; we'll do another update when we get the rest unpacked... (And yes, it is exactly like Christmas morning for sound gear freaks.) (And yes, that is a couple of...

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The October Stock Update is here!

Oct 16 2014 Tags: Amplifier, Binson, Fender, Moog, Mutron, New Office, News, Stock List, Valve, Watkins

Welcome to your monthly stock and news update from Soundgas. Some of you may ask why the “monthly” update didn't appear last month and the short answer is that we've had a lot on including – finally – moving office. More news on that below, so yes: there's plenty to cover. Better get straight to business...

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(Late) September News - PROJECT: OFFICE MOVE

Sep 29 2014 Tags: Binson, Fender, Mutron, New Office, News, Roland, Video demos, Watkins, YouTube

Well, the big news for September is that we're finally IN the new offices in lovely Crich (and that's why we're only getting this September news out now, two days before the end of the month). In the end it wasn't too bad; a couple of days lugging stuff around, building shelves, and moving some of Tony's records (the rest will be joining us here in the next couple of weeks so that's a little job to look forward too...). As expected we found all sorts of interesting things as we dug deep into the studio and the storage unit...

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August News - minimoog onslaught, change is a-comin', plus digging in the crates

Aug 09 2014 Tags: Binson Echorec, Moog, News

Well, it's always quiet at this time of year but we're not sitting around in the sun drinking cocktails (certainly not before 3pm anyway). Soundgas has already been through change in the last couple of months with the addition of me (Gid) to the team taking on some general admin plus website and social media stuff (like this post). But there is more change looming as we prepare for the move into our new offices. This will give us room to continue to expand our operation slowly, but perhaps as important, it will get the office out of the recording studio meaning we can get to some music making in the Autumn.

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